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AkumaMC Skyblock | Season 4 Release

AkumaMC Skyblock | Season 4 Release

Welcome to AkumaMC Skyblock Season 4! Below you'll find all of the changes, new features and fixes that we've been working hard on over the past few weeks. Countless hours of development have been poured into this season, and we hope you're going to love it.

Read the full changelog below:

Island Perks Revamped

Out with the old, and in with the new! Island perks are back and better than ever before. They consist of:

• Island Size Perk ➜ Allows you to expand the size (border) of your island
• Spawner AFK Radius Perk ➜ Allows you to AFK spawners from an increasing distance
• Crop Growth Speed Perk ➜ Makes your crops grow faster!
• Cobble Generator Perk ➜ Grants you the ability to find rare ores on your island (from cobblestone generators)!
• Warp Limit Perk ➜ Allows you to create multiple warps, making traveling around your island easy!
• Member Limit Perk ➜ Invite more members to your island to aid you in grinding the way to the top!
• Generator Limit Perk ➜ Allows you to place more generators on your island
• Hopper Limit Perk ➜ Allows you to use more hoppers on your island
• Robot Limit Perk ➜ Allows you to place more robots on your island!
• Spawner Limit Perk ➜ Allows you to place more spawners on your island!

Skills Reworked

Skills have been the same for seasons, non progressive, not rewarding and most of all... a chore. We've given it a pretty chunky re-work, so hopefully that'll change for the better!

• Skill Rewards
Rewards have now completely been reworked. They will come less often (every 5 levels), however, they are 100% more rewarding. You now have the chance to obtain OP Clusters, Airdrops, Keys and so much more!

• Skill Progression
Skill progression has been reworked to perfection, it the best it's ever been! It's now much more rewarding, rather than the slog it felt like in seasons prior.


Consumables are items which bestow you with EPIC abilities that will allow you to boost your income. There are 5 different types of consumable:

• Dark Soul ➜ Kill 10 mobs per swing for 5 minutes
• Fishing Net ➜ Use 5 fishing rods at once for 1 minute
• Lumberjack ➜ Break 4 trees at once for 5 minutes
• Mining Rage ➜ Instant block breaking (including surrounding blocks) for 2 minutes 30 seconds
• Farmer's Touch ➜ Breaks crops in a 2x2x2 pattern as well as replanting them for 5 minutes


Tired of grinding for keys, gems, value tickets and crops? Well we have the solution just for you! With ease you can generator countless items from the comfort of your island! Generators can be obtained from Clusters, Airdrops, Skills and even the AkumaPass! Just place them down, wait for it to build and boom you're generating items!

• Value Ticket Generator
• Key Generator
• Gem Generator
• Sugarcane Generator

You can also upgrade your generators to maximise their production!

• Speed ➜ Increase the speed of which you gain your loot
• Capacity ➜ Increase the storage of the generator
• AFK Radius ➜ Expand the AFK distance

Enchants Reworked

We have looked over each enchant thoroughly, making the necessary changes and adjustments for them to be even better and OP than before, as well as adding a few new ones!

Global Enchants
• Value Ticket Finder ➜ Gives you the ability to find Value Tickets when farming a Skill

Grinding Enchants
• Dual XP ➜ Give you 2x EXP for x amount of time
• Helping Hand ➜ Spawns in a baby zombie which helps you kill mobs for X amount of time.
• Arthur's Sword ➜ Has a chance to kill up to 500 mobs within a stack.

Mining Enchants
• Miner's Helper ➜ Spawns in a baby zombie within the mine helping you break blocks for X amount of time.
• Meteor ➜ Has a chance to spawn in a huge meteor, destroying any blocks in its path.

Logging Enchants
• Forest Fire ➜ Ignites all trees, burning them to the ground within seconds.
• Bob's Revenge ➜ Summons a Bob (the helper) army within the logging world, breaking the trees surrounding you.
• Thor's Hammer ➜ Has a chance to summon a HUGE lightning storm, destroying many trees!

Fishing Enchants
• Tsunami ➜ Reels in all the fish giving you a higher chance at finding more valuable ones

Revamped Crates, Airdrop and Keys

Weekly Clusters have been completely reworked and massively buffed. They are now more OP than ever before, and completely exclusive, making them a must have item!

Weekly Cluster have now been removed from vKits (Replaced with vKit Clusters)!

Added an all new vKit Cluster, full of exclusive and OP items! These OP crates can ONLY be obtained from certain vKits, nowhere else!

We've spent countless hours re-balancing item amounts, and chances to make them the best they can be!

Keys have now been buffed!

Airdrops have now been buffed and made better than ever!

You can now win up to $2.50 Store Coupon Credit from Souls!

Other QOL Changes

Added a /kits menu (making donator kits easier to claim)
Added a /help menu (gives useful information when starting out)
Buffed all rank reclaims
Added a /toggle menu

Ready to play? You can join the network through (Java) or (Bedrock).

Read this far? We hope you like our new season!