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AkumaMC Skyblock | Season 5 Release!

AkumaMC Skyblock | Season 5 Release!

Welcome to AkumaMC Skyblock Season 5! Below you'll find all of the changes, new features and fixes that we've been working hard on over the past few weeks. Countless hours of development have been poured into this season, and we hope you're going to love it.

NEW Armor

  • Introducing the NEW Armor system as an addition to Skills!
    – This includes: Farming Armor, Mining Armor, Grinding Armor, Logging Armor, and Fishing Armor!
  • This new feature brings a brand new grind to Skills that will enhance your Money gain, Gem gain, Crop Drops, and Mining Speed when crafted and applied.
    – Once a full set is crafted you will be given a Skill EXP booster to help you progress through that specific skill.
  • The only way to obtain Armor is from crafting it using Armor Shards. Armor Shards are dropped and obtained from grinding a specific skill.
    – For example, You will get Farming Armor Shards from grinding your Farming skill.
  • Upgrading your armor will increase the boosts! You can upgrade your pieces by using the Armor Shards and reaching the actions required on the specific piece.
  • Each armor type gives its own set of boosts listed below:
  • Farming Armor Boosts:
    – Crop Drop Booster
    – Gems Booster
    – 1.1x Farming Skill EXP Booster (Set Booster)
  • Mining Armor Boosts:
    – Mining Speed Boost
    – Money Boost
    – 1.1x Mining Skill EXP Boost (Set Booster)
  • Grinding Armor Boosts:
    – EXP Boost
    – Money Boost
    – 1.1x Grinding Skill EXP Boost (Set Booster)
  • Logging Armor Boosts:
    – Logging Efficiency Boost
    – Gems Boost
    – 1.1x Logging Skill EXP Boost (Set Booster)
  • Fishing Armor Boosts:
    – Fishing Speed Boost
    – Money Boost
    – 1.1x Fishing Skill EXP Boost (Set Booster)

Generators Revamp

  • Last season generators needed a lot of work but look no further... We have completely remodeled and balanced them to be way better than before!
  • Generators have been transformed to be a simple build to remove any complexities and confusion.
    – Generators are now one block including a floating entity of the corresponding item with a hologram showing the capacity and the time until the next generation.
  • There is now a new upgrade for generators, Double Drop!
    – Purchase more levels of this upgrade to increase the chance of the Generator to drop double of that item! This will be essential to obtaining the most profit from your Generators.
  • We removed AFK Radius as an upgrade and it's now a static radius of 16.
  • All generators now use both Money and Gems for their upgrades!
  • We completely re-balanced generators so that every type is worth it and a must-have on your Island!

Robots Reimagined

  • Added a whole new robot! The Fishing Robot!
    – This robot will fish for you when placed in front of a water source. This robot will catch fish of different weights and will be sold depending on the weight of the fish.
    – Just like the other two robots, it will also farm Gems and XP.
  • Added a new item, the Robot Builder!
    – When obtained, right click this item on the ground to play an AMAZING animation that chooses which Robot (Mining, Grinding, Fishing) you receive from the builder.
  • Added the ability for Robots to hold one scroll to gain a special perk!
  • There are now three new OP Robot scrolls, with a maximum of 5 levels, that give them special and unique abilities!
    – Scroll of Fortune: This scroll has a chance to summon a rare item such as Keys, XP Bottles, Value Tickets and Enchant Books! This item will go into the chest that the robot is linked to.
    – Scroll of Luck: This scroll gives the Robot the chance to give double XP and Gems.
    – Scroll of Production: This scroll gives the Robot the chance to give more blocks/mob drops/fish when farming.
  • We completely rebalanced the prices and added Money as a currency to their upgrade requirements.

NEW Island Bank

  • Have teammates of the opposite timezone? Tired of waiting for your Island members to log on to give them money or gems? Well now introducing the NEW Island Bank!
  • Use the Island Bank to store Money and Gems for you and your Island members to easily share the Island income!
    – Access the menu by doing /is bank
    – Within the menu you can deposit, withdraw, view the balance, and see recent transactions!
  • You can upgrade the capacity of your Bank by completing Island Perk challenges to have a better storage!
  • As always, you can edit the permissions of this feature and modify which members are allowed to deposit and withdraw. Only allow trusted members!

Welcome Tina the Tinkerer

  • Tina the Tinkerer has joined the game!
  • Tina will take any extra or unwanted enchant books and exchange them into EXP for you. The higher the book rarity tier, the more EXP you receive!
  • You can find Tina in the same area as Tim the Enchanter

Satchels Reintroduced

  • Remember the Key and Value Ticket satchels? Well now there are back and much better than before.
  • No more worries of getting a full inventory while grinding your skills!
  • As always, you can purchase and upgrade these satchels with Gems.

Enchants Overhaul

  • We have made a lot of improvements within the enchantments to ensure that each and every single one is worth it and OP
  • Celestial Hunter and Treasure Hunter have been merged to be just one enchant, Treasure Hunter!
  • Balanced Ticket Finder, Spawner Finder and Gem gain to be equal across all skills and much more balanced!
  • We also changed Miner Helper to be 1 second per level, making it much more rewarding!
  • Fixed transfuse in logging, you now get the correct amount of logs upon activation
  • Rebalanced turbo chopping and turbo mining
    – Decreased the effect from 4 seconds per level -> 2 seconds per level

NEW Customizable Islands

  • Tired of the same Island build every season? Well don't worry, we have 6 Island themes along with the OG Island!
  • All of them are unique, special, and absolutely beautiful! There will definitely be something for everyone.
    – The OG Island: The OG theme pays homage to the classic OG Skyblock adventures. Featuring traditional additions such as a cobblestone generator and a basic platform that envokes a sense of nostalgia.
    – Grassland Meadow Island: Efficient and minimalistic, the Grassland Meadow theme provides a straightforward yet functional island designed for resource management and survival.
    – Lush Haven Island: Teeming with life, the Lush Haven theme offers a lush tropical paradise filled with towering trees, hidden treasures and exotic flora.
    – Icy Tundra Island: In the frigid Icy Tundra, players must brave frozen landscapes and icy caverns, battling the elements to survive. (An Island endorsed by Frcsty)
    – Enchanted Forest Island: Transporting players to a realm of magic and wonder, the Enchanted Forest theme enchants with it whimsical charm and mystical landscapes.
    – Blazing Inferno Island: Venturing into the fiery depths, the Blazing Inferno theme challenges players with rivers of lava, towering obsidian spires and sinister fortresses.
    – One Block Wonder: Crafted for the bravest adventurers, the One Block Wonder theme presents a relentless test of skill and perseverance, with limited resources and unforgiving challenges.
  • We cannot wait to see what you guys come up with on these themed Islands!

Spawner Transformation

  • We have completely redesigned the Spawner economy to be more fit and a lot more enjoyable!
  • To battle the prior Spawner lag issues and to make Spawner drops more OP, we have increased the max Spawner stack to 128x!

Quests Reconstructed

  • The quests in the Akumapass, Player Quests, and Island Perks were outdated, boring, and did not include any of the current features. They are now more enjoyable and progressive towards the Skyblock grind!
  • Adjusted AkumaPass weekly quests to better fit the gamemode
  • Added new quests to the weekly AkumaPass quests
    – Buy x amount of spawners from /shop
    – Sell x amount of items
    – Kill x amount of spirits in /logging
    – Claim x amount of money from autosell chests
    – Reach x level in a specific skill
  • Adjusted all Island Perk Quests to better fit progression
  • Island Size Perk:
    – Rebalanced all Island Size quest requirements
    – Have a balance of $250M (Island Size)
    – Have a total of 16k spawners placed (Island Size)
  • Spawner AFK Radius:
    – Decreased AFK Radius from 25 to 16 on level 10
    – Rebalanced all Spawner AFK Radius quest requirements
    – Claim $1B money from AutoSell chests (Spawner AFK Radius)
  • Crop Growth Speed Perk:
    – Rebalanced all Crop Growth Speed Perk quest requirements
  • Cobblestone Generator Perk:
    – Added new quests to the Cobblestone Generator Perk
    – Mine 100 Iron Ore
    – Mine 150 Gold Ore
    – Mine 200 Diamond Ore
    – Mine 250 Emerald Ore
  • Island Warp Limit Perk:
    – Rebalanced all Island Warp Limit Perk quest requirements
    – Added new quests to Island Warp Limit Perk:
    – Reach an Island value of $10M
  • Island Member Limit Perk:
    – Rebalanced all Island Member Limit Perk quest requirements
    – Added new quests to Island Member Limit Perk:
    – Catch 10,000 fish
    – Enchant a tool 100 times.
  • Hopper Limit Perk:
    – Rebalanced all Hopper Limit Perk quest requirements
    – Added new quests to Hopper Limit Perk Perk:
    – Claim $500M from AutoSell Chests
  • Robot Limit Perk:
    – Lowered max robot amount from 2500 to 500
  • Spawner Limit Perk:
    – Lowered max spawner amount from 32,000 to 16,000
  • Island Bank Perk:
    – New Perk For Island Bank - Max capacity of $1B & 10M Gems
    – New quests for Island Bank Perk
    – Have a total of $200M stored in the Island Bank
    – Chop 2,500 trees in /logging
    – Unlock Cactus in /is mastery
    – Have 320 Guardian Spawners placed on your Island
  • Adjusted and Rebalanced all Player Quests to better fit progression
  • Quest 32
    – Enchant your tool a total of 10 times
  • Quest 56
    – Craft an armor piece in /armor
  • Quest 70
    – Kill 30 spirits in the logging world
  • Quest 82
    – Obtain a full set of armor (must be of the same type)
  • Quest 97
    – Equip and use a consumable
  • Quest 99
    – Max out all upgrades on a generator

Donor Rank Buff

  • Bored of the old kits? Didn't think they were worth it? Well worry no more! Each donator kit has been gone through thoroughly and buffed to make it so much better than ever before!
  • Knight Rank:
    – Knight Armor (Protection 2, Unbreaking 3)
    – Knight Sword (Sharpness 2)
    – EXP Bottle (3 Levels)
    – 2x Value Tickets
  • Warlord Rank:
    – Warlord Armor (Protection 3, Unbreaking 3)
    – Warlord Sword (Sharpness 3)
    – EXP Bottle (5 Levels)
    – 2x Value Tickets
  • Gladiator Rank:
    – Gladiator Armor (Protection 3, Unbreaking 3)
    – Gladiator Sword (Sharpness 4)
    – Gladiator Pickaxe (Efficiency 1, Speed 1, Transfuse 1, Turbo Mining 1)
    – Gladiator Hoe (Speed 1, EXP Finder 1)
    – EXP Bottle (10 Levels)
    – 2x Value Tickets
    – Tier 1 Money Pouch
  • Champion Rank:
    – Champion Armor (Protection 4, Unbreaking 3)
    – Champion Sword (Sharpness 5, Treasure Hunter 1)
    – Champion Pickaxe (Efficiency 2, Speed 1, Transfuse 1, Turbo Mining 2)
    – Champion Hoe (Speed 2, EXP Finder 1)
    – Fishing Rod (Bait 1, Treasure Hunter 1, Lure 1, Turbo Fishing 1)
    – EXP Bottle (20 Levels)
    – 10x Value Tickets
    – Tier 1 Money Pouch, Tier 1 Gem Pouch
  • Emperor Rank:
    – Emperor Armor (Protection 4, Unbreaking 3)
    – Emperor Sword (Sharpness 5, Treasure Hunter 1, Smite 2)
    – Emperor Pickaxe (Treasure Hunter 1, Efficiency 2, Speed 2, Transfuse 1, Turbo Mining 2)
    – Emperor Hoe (Treasure Hunter 1, Speed 2, EXP Finder 2)
    – Fishing Rod (Bait 1, Treasure Hunter 1, Lure 2, Turbo Fishing 2, Bait 1)
    – EXP Bottle (30 Levels)
    – 16x Value Tickets
    – Tier 2 Money Pouch, Tier 2 Gem Pouch
    – 1x Normal Pet Egg
  • Legend Rank:
    – Legend Armor (Protection 4, Unbreaking 3)
    – Legend Sword (Sharpness 5, Treasure Hunter 2, Multi Kill 1)
    – Legend Pickaxe (Treasure Hunter 2, Efficiency 3, Speed 3, Transfuse 2, Turbo Mining 3)
    – Legend Hoe (Treasure Hunter 2, Speed 3, EXP Finder 2)
    – Legend Axe (Efficiency 3, Treasure Hunter 2, Speed 3, Transfuse 2)
    – Fishing Rod (Bait 1, Treasure Hunter 2, Lure 3, Turbo Fishing 2, Bait 2)
    – EXP Bottle (45 Levels)
    – 32x Value Tickets
    – 1x Epic Airdrop
    – 1x Holy Pet Egg

Logging Renovated

  • We have increased the amount of trees that spawn within each logging world making it easier to farm.
  • Implemented tree generation to add a different variety of trees in each world
  • Adjusted the logging world builds to make them look and feel more modern

Reworked Consumables

  • Adjusted the Dark Soul Consumable to now give Grinding Skill EXP when farming mobs
  • Reworked the Mining Rage Consumable to now break a 5x5 cube instead of the old and boring 3x3

Other QOL Changes

  • Added a new and fresh looking spawn
  • Adjusted Island Value obtainable from spawners
    – Witch 500 -> 1,000
    – Guardian 2,500 -> 10,000
  • Fixed the magic scroll not boosting the spawners at all
  • You can now see how many Island members, warps, generators and spawners you have within the /isperks menu
  • You are now able to place up to 3 chunk hoppers within the same chunk
  • Adjusted the /help menu to display newly updated information
  • Fixed momentum issue in the mining world
  • Fixed /is visit visitor locations
  • Nerfed Island mastery sell boosters

Ready to play? You can join the network through (Java) or (Bedrock).

Read this far? We hope you like our new season!