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AkumaMC Prison |  Season 6 Changelogs!

AkumaMC Prison | Season 6 Changelogs!

Welcome to AkumaMC Prison Season 6! This season we spent countless hours perfecting the gameplay and retuning a lot of our features. We have greatly improved progression, refreshed all the enchants, and made huge quality of life changes.

Below you can read everything that we added, changed, and made better:

AFK Miner

Want to continue progressing while AFK? Well wait no more! Now you can with the AFK Miner!

  • Added the AFK Miner into the spawn world of prison! (/warp afk)
  • For your miner to begin working. You must be within the 23 x 23 AFK region found at /warp afk and have an adequate amount of fuel deposited into your miner!
  • Added 7 different purchasable upgrades for the AFK Miner!
    – Efficiency - Increase the speed of your miner
    – Wealth - Increase the blocks your miner breaks
    – Investor - Allows your miner to find extra Money & Tokens
    – XP Hunter - Allows your miner to find Pickaxe EXP
    – Key Finder - Allows your miner to find Crate keys
    – Treasure Hunter - Allows your miner to find rare vaults and caches
    – Fuel Finder - Allows your miner to find more fuel
  • Added 3 different types of purchasable fuel in the AFK Miner!
    – 10m - 100T Tokens
    – 30m - 300T Tokens
    – 1h - 500T Tokens
  • Added 3 typed of physical fuel obtainable from crates!
    – Basic Fuel - Allows your miner to work for 5m
    – Pink Cow Fuel - Allows your miner to work for 10m
    – Lava Fuel - Allows your miner to work for 20m

PvP Rework

Bored with the old PvP? Well with the all new PvP design, you will be bored no more!

  • Added an all new PvP Map inspired by the OG map containing:
    – 4x Different Biomes: Dessert, Plains, Snowy & Jungle
  • Brought back the missed and loved KoTH!
    – Fight to capture the KoTH every 3 hours to win OP rewards!
    – These rewards being a chance at: 1x Diamond Vault, 2x Gold Vaults or 3x Normal Pet Eggs
    – Sit on the KoTH for 3 mins without being killed or contested to claim it!
  • Brought back the old Heads system, replacing PvP EXP
  • Brought back the old and loved PvP ability items!
  • Added an all new PvP Ability item Shop in /pvpshop
    – Purchase OP Ability items with heads gained from killing players!
    – Double Debuff: Effect someone with Slowness & Poison for 20 seconds
    – Heavy Hands: Gain Strength 2 for 4 seconds
    – Life Saver: Gain Resistance 3 for 10 seconds
    – Ice Trap: Create a 5x5 Ice Dome encasing you and anyone inside
    – Switch Stick: Cause a player to spin the opposite direction
    – Flashbang: Effect everyone in a 8 block radius with blindness
  • Added a new PvP Merchant NPC in PvP spawn allowing easier navigation between both shops
  • Added an all new Kills & Koth Top Leaderboard, fight your friends to the top!
  • Fixed a bug where you would be unable to heal when around Airdrops

Ascension Quality Of Life

  • Added a new conformation button to the enchant token
  • Fixed an issue where the player miner and shadow clone pickaxe skin will decrease the durability of an Heirloom
  • Added the ability to ascend a pet!
    – Ascend a pet in /ascend using tokens and ascension points!
    – Ascending a pet will increase its maximum level 5 by levels!
    – Each pet has a maximum of 2 Ascensions!

Mortar Changes

  • Decreased the mortar Blocks mined requirement to 100k (was 150k)
  • Added Guardian Beam as an activatable enchant to ammo quality
  • Added Meteorite as an activatable enchant to ammo quality
  • Added Geyser as an activatable enchant to ammo quality
  • Added Wild Wither as an activatable enchant to ammo quality

Enchant Quality Of Life

  • Decreased all token enchant prices by 5%
  • Added the ability to obtain a Gem booster when the Mana Rune activates!
  • Changed Zeus Wrath Rune to Rare (Was Legendary)
    – Decreased the time the rune is active for by 50%
    – Added the ability for the rune to give gems
  • Adjusted each Chuggernaut booster potion to feel more rewarding!
    – Gold Rush Potion: 20% Pickaxe EXP (5m)
    – Windfall Potion: 10% Gems (5m)
    – Wealth Potion: 10% Gem & Pickaxe EXP (5m)
    – Prosperity Potion: 5% Gem, Token & Pickaxe EXP (5m)
    – Victory Potion: 7.5% Gem, Token, Mine Rank & Pickaxe EXP (5m)
  • Moved Nuke to an early game enchant
    – Max Level: 500
    – Activation Chance: 0.125% (at max level)
    – 156T to max
  • Adjusted meteorite enchant
    – Decreased max level from 100 to 50
    – Adjusted enchant price
    – Buffed token gain by 8%
    – Nerfed gem gain by 25%
  • Whisperer has been given a buff! If the enchant is proc'ed whilst still active, it will add additional time to your Whisperer Zombie.
  • Adjusted Dragons Eye Enchant by decreasing max level from 500 to 100
  • Adjusted prestiges to give 200 gems per 1,000 prestiges
  • Added Nuke 50 as a starter enchant
  • Removed Jackhammer as a starter enchant
  • Increased token gain from Cluster Bomb
  • Buffed token gain from Napalm strike by 20%
  • Buffed token gain from Zeus by 15%
  • Buffed token gain from Guardian Beam by 30%
  • Decreased the price of Vein Miner
  • Decreased whisperer enchant cost by 10%
  • Decreased the price for Frozen Gorge
  • Halved gem gain from Vein Miner

Payout Adjustments

  • We have completely reworked payouts and their rewards to amp up the competition.
  • Payout rewards have been changed from Giftcards to Buycraft Coupons
    – REMEMBER: Coupons will expire after 7 days of their creation date!
  • We have changed the reward amount for the top 5 Gang placements on Gang Top
    – 1st: $150 Buycraft Coupon
    – 2nd: $100 Buycraft Coupon
    – 3rd: $75 Buycraft Coupon
    – 4th: $25 Buycraft Coupon
    – 5th: $25 Buycraft Coupon

Gangs Quality Of Life

  • Rebalanced /shardshop Gang points
    – 10 points, 15 points, 20 points, 25 points & 30 points
  • Rebalanced Gang event Gang points
    Hourly Event:
    – 1st: 16
    – 2nd: 15
    – 3rd: 14
    – 4th: 13
    – 5th: 12
    – 5+: 10

    Daily Event:
    – 1st: 128
    – 2nd: 120
    – 3rd: 112
    – 4th: 104
    – 5th: 96
    – 5+: 80

    Weekly Event:
    – 1st: 300
    – 2nd: 280
    – 3rd: 260
    – 4th: 240
    – 5th: 220
    – 5+: 200

Other Quality Of Life

  • Reworked some challenges to better fit the economy
  • Added Gems Boost to Mining Momentum
  • Brought back the ability to open relic caches in the mines world
  • Added a system which opens the Akuma Pass onto the page of your current level
  • Fixed an issue where you would be spammed with constant milestone messages
  • The milestones menu will now remember which page you were last viewing.
  • Fixed an issue where key finder would do nothing when fishing
  • Cleaned up a lot of item descriptions to make them a lot clearer

Ready to play? You can join the network through (Java) or (Bedrock).

Read this far? We hope you like our new season!