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AkumaMC Prison | Season 3 Release

AkumaMC Prison | Season 3 Release

With a new year comes our first new Prison season: Prison Season 3. This season, we decided that rather than adding a load of new features, we'd spend our time improving what we've got currently. We've tweaked our economies, re-worked our crates and re-enchanted some enchants to ensure this season gives you the best experience possible!

We've made loads of changes to the server (that we hope you'll love). We've listed the main points here, but we've also tweaked loads of small things to make your experience even better! Read below...

Enchant TLC

  • We have gone through every enchant and made the necessary changes to make them even better and more OP than ever.
  • Buffed Cluster Bomb, Napalm Strike, Guardian Beam, Prophet, Alien Strike, Dragonball and Meteorite.
  • Gold Mine now works with Jackhammer
  • Brought back an old enchant that you all know and love... Quiver!
  • Money gain now scales with rank!
  • Higher rank -> more money -> more prestiges -> a LOT more gems!

Brand New Salvage System

  • Any item can now be salved for Salvage Points, allowing you to purchase a selection of insane items to help you grind your way to the top!
  • No more useless items cluttering your inventory!
  • You can now salvage: Ranks, RPGs, Grenades, Vaults, Caches, Pets, Armor, Skin Fragments, Skin Boxes, Airstrikes, Plasma Torches, and Runes.
  • Salvage Points can purchase: Vaults, Caches, Mythical Armor Boxes, Mythical Skin Boxes, Weekly Crates and a Scavenger vKit Shard.

Revamped Crates, Vaults, Caches and Keys

  • Weekly crates have been completely re-modeled and massively buffed. They are more OP than ever, and completely exclusive, making them more OP than ever before!
  • Removed from vKits (replaced with vKit Mystery Vault)!
  • Added the brand new vKit Mystery Vault, full of exclusive items! These OP vaults can ONLY be obtained from certain vKits, nowhere else!
  • Vaults and Caches have been buffed!
  • We've spent some time re-balancing item amounts and chances to make them even better.
  • You can now win up to $5 coupon credit from Vaults and Caches!
  • Keys have been buffed!
  • Token rewards now scale with your rank and rebirth, so keys will be useful throughout the map
  • Airstrikes and Plasma Torches have been re-modeled and are now so much more useful for rank-ups and xp!
  • Added Airstrikes and Plasma Torches to Crates, Vaults, Caches, and Keys.

Gang Competition Changes

  • Gang points will now reset weekly (like Skyblock islands). This will allow everyone to have an equal chance each week.
  • You can now track block contributions from each member of your gang (weekly).
  • Gang Upgrades have been adjusted to improve scaling.

Challenges and Milestone Rework

  • Challenges tasks have been completely redesigned to be more progressive.
  • Completing a challenge is now considerably more rewarding.
  • Milestone rewards have been adjusted to ensure they mirror progression

Massive Kit Update

  • Companion and Easter vKits have been buffed! View the new contents here:
  • Buffed all rank kits and kit Legendary

Misc QoL Changes

  • Added Gem Shop (purchase currency and other OP items)
  • Added PvP Shop (purchase the OG Cyan Chat Color, Vaults and the Weekly Crate)

Ready to play? You can join the network through (Java) or (Bedrock).

Read this far? We hope you like our new season! In order to get you started, here are a couple of coupon codes (1-time use: when they're gone, they're gone) that will work on our store!

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