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AkumaMC Prison |  Season 5 Release!

AkumaMC Prison | Season 5 Release!

Welcome to AkumaMC Prison Season 5! We have been working very hard these past few weeks to plan and create an absolutely insane season for all of you. Using a combination of our unique ideas and your suggestions, we have crafted a beautiful masterpiece of a season! All of this work has been done to ensure that all of you have a wonderful and most importantly an enjoyable season!

Below you can read everything that we added, changed, and refined:

NEW Spawn

  • Added a new, fresh, entirely unique, and colorful spawn!
  • Nothing is better than a fresh new setting!


  • Tired of hitting the max rebirth every season, are you wanting something else to work towards? Well, get ready for ascension!
  • Use your hard earned tokens, gems, rebirths and blocks mined to ascend to the next level.
  • Each ascension will grant you with 1 Ascension point and a Mythical Heirloom.
  • Ascension points can be used in the Ascension shop to purchase OP items, such as:
    • Weekly Crates
    • An EXCLUSIVE vKit (only obtainable from ascending)
    • Cyan chat colour
    • and a bunch more goodies!
  • Mythical Heirlooms are massive help towards gaining Tokens and Gems. Each Ascension will grant you a better Heirloom as you climb higher!
    • Ascension 20's Heirloom, Meed's Gauntlet, gives a 2x Gem Boost, 2x Token Boost, and 1.2x Mana Boost
    • Dont take it for granted though, as it will slowly wear away the more you use it.
  • Every 2 Ascension will reward you with an Enchant Token. Enchant Tokens can be applied to certain enchants to extend their max level to recieve an even bigger boost!
    • Use them wisely as you will not be able to extend every enchant!

Fishing Rework

  • Added a new, fresh, entirely unique, and colourful fishing map!
  • Completely overhauled all fishing rewards to make fishing worth it and enjoyable for everyone!
  • NEW Turbo Fishing Enchant
    • This Enchant will allow you to catch fish instantly upon activating! Be quick though, it wont last long!
  • NEW Treasure Finder Enchant
    • This Enchant will allow you to catch OP and valuable items when fishing!

Enchant TLC

  • We went through and made adjustments to every enchant to make them the most perfect.
    • Rebalanced Key Finder so it's not extremely OP
    • Extended rebirth enchant levels
    • Merged Heroic Treasure Hunter into Treasure Hunter
    • Buffed the rewards obtainable from Treasure Hunter to make it be more OP then ever before!
    • Buffed shard collector activation chance to be more rewarding
    • Adjusted Cluster Bomb to scale with mine rank
    • Increased the speed and tokens obtainable from Quiver
    • Buffed gem gain for Vein Miner, Blackhole, and Frozen Gorge
    • Buffed rewards obtainable from Lottery

Attachment & Rune QOL

  • Reworked the Mana rune to scale with the runes level
  • Fixed a visual issue within /runes
  • Introduced more requirements for Attachment slots, increasing the grind to obtain them.

Skins Rework

  • Pickaxe Skins have been reworked to be much more rewarding
  • Adjusted the skin abilities to make each one of them useful
    • Lumberjack Skin - Tokens (Common)
    • Mine Splitter Skin - Gems (Common)
    • Reaper Skin - Tokens & Pickaxe EXP (Rare)
    • The Eye Skin - Gems & Rank EXP (Rare)
    • Meed's Wrath - Gems & Pickaxe EXP (Rare)
    • Shadow Clone Skin - Tokens, Gems & Rank EXP (Legendary)

Milestones Rework

  • Reworked rewards from all milestones making them more OP and progressive
  • Added 2 new milestones!
    • Prestige Milestones - Reach x Amount Of Prestiges
    • Rebirth Milestones - Reach x Amount Of Rebirths

AkumaPass QOL

  • Adjusted AkumaPass weekly quests to better fit the gamemode
  • Added new quests to the AkumaPass
    • Forge x amount of Runes
    • Reach x value on your Pickaxe
    • Obtain x amount of Salvage Points
    • Purchase x amount of items from /ah
    • Reach x Rebirth

Voting Changes & Buffs

  • You can now spin the vote wheel up to 4 times at once!
  • Buffed Vote Wheelspin rewards

Other QOL Changes

  • Added /gchat as an alias for /gang chat
  • Tired of seeing enchant or player miner activation messages? You can now disable them within /settings!
  • Adjusted pets XP gain / boosts
  • Reimplemented gems into Mine Rank pouches
  • Added a Chat Reaction reward
  • Adjusted the Community Goal rewards
  • Added the ability to stack RPG's increasing the max shots per RPG
  • Added a Warning Hologram to /warp pvp
  • Added a new booster voucher
  • Added /attachable to view your runes, attachments, and crystals in one simple menu.
  • Added /keys info to view information and rewards of keys, weekly's, vaults, and caches.
  • Fixed Mine Rank Cap (/minerank)
    • The cap will now reset every 12 hours (3 AM/PM EST)
    • Added more Mine Rank caps:
    • 300 - 375 - 450 - 525 - 600 - 675 - 750 - 825 - 900 - 975 - 1000

Ready to play? You can join the network through (Java) or (Bedrock).

Read this far? We hope you like our new season!