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AkumaMC Prison | Season 4 Release!

AkumaMC Prison | Season 4 Release!

Welcome to AkumaMC Prison Season 4! This season we spent countless hours perfecting the gameplay and retuning a lot of our features. We have greatly improved progression, refreshed all the enchants, made huge quality of life changes and, of course, introduced the new rank Eternal. All of this work has been done to ensure that all of you have a great and enjoyable season!

Below you can read everything that we added, changed, and tweaked:

NEW Eternal Rank

  • The new rank is finally here! I know you guys are just as excited as we are. We proudly would like to announce... ETERNAL RANK!
  • This rank offers many special and exclusive perks that you do not want to miss!

• Ability to use Eternal keys kit (/kit EternalKeys)
• Ability to use Eternal kit (/kit Eternal)
• Ability to use Infinity keys kit (/kit InfinityKeys)
• Ability to use Infinity kit (/kit Infinity)
• Ability to use Akuma+ kits (/kit Akuma+Keys), (/kit Akuma+)
• Ability to use Akuma kits (/kit AkumaKeys), (/kit Akuma)
• Ability to use Overlord kits (/kit OverlordKeys), (/kit Overlord)
• Ability to use God kits (/kit GodKeys), (/kit God)
• Ability to use /ping - See yourself and other players ping
• Ability to use /seen - See when a player was last online
• Ability to use /invsee -Ability to see the inventory of other users.
• Ability to use /pv - Have up to 150 playervaults

• Ability to use 150x Player Vaults (/pv)
• Begin with a rank 30 mine
• Begin with a level 40 pickaxe
• Unlock a permanent 1.10x Pickaxe XP Multiplier
• Unlock a permanent 1.10x Token Multiplier
• Unlock a permanent 1.10x Gem Multiplier
• Unlock an extra attachment slot
• Unlock an extra rune slot
• Ability to gain currencies from robots while offline for 12hours. (Per 24h)

• [Eternal] tag in-game and on discord
• Ability to choose what colour you want your prefix to be. (/Eternal)

• Diamond Armor: Protection 4, Speed 2, Unbreaking 3
• Diamond Sword: Sharpness 5, Crusher 1
• 16 God Apples

• 30 Sovereign Keys
• 30 Alpha Keys
• 10 Merit Key

• Tier 1 Attachment Box
• Tier 1 Crystal Box
• 1 vKit Crate

Click HERE to see everything that it offers!

NEW Spawn

  • Added a new, fresh, entirely unique, and colorful spawn!
  • Nothing is better than a fun arcade :)

Pickaxe Crystals

  • We are now introducing a whole new feature called Pickaxe Crystals!
  • You can obtain and use these crystals to boost your income more than before!
    • The type of boosts you can obtain are: Token, Gem, and Rankup
  • Similar to Attachments, there will be different tiers of each boost with their corresponding boost percentage.
    • Tier 1 [Coal]: 0-10% Boost.
    • Tier 2 [Iron Ingot]: 10-20% Boost
    • Tier 3 [Gold Ingot]: 20-30% Boost
    • Tier 4 [Diamond]: 30-40% Boost
    • Tier 5 [Emerald]: 40-50% Boost
  • You can also reroll your Pickaxe Crystals to attempt to obtain a higher boost within that tier

Pet Changes

  • Obtained a pet that you already have? No problem. You can now merge pets together to help get your pets to their max level!
    • You can merge any pet as long at is the same type!
  • Now introducing the Masterful Pet Egg, a very rare and OP item. This pet egg gives a guaranteed Masterful Pet of any type.

NEW Grind Crate Key

  • An entirely new crate that is ONLY obtained at Mine rank 900+ with maxed Key Finder enchant
  • Receive OP and EXCLUSIVE rewards such as Mana Boosters, Tokens, Crystal Boxes, and more!

Enchant TLC

  • Brought back a familiar enchant!
    • Re-added Fortune, a necessary enchant to gain prestiges
  • We went through and made adjustments to every enchant to make them the most perfect.
    • Buffed token gain for Cluster Bomb, Prophet, Dragonball, Geyser, Napalm Strike, Zeus, Guardian Beam, Quiver, Alien Strike, Blackhole
    • Buffed gem gain for Vein Miner, Blackhole, Wild Wither, Frozen Gorge
  • We moved Wild Wither to a gem enchant
  • Chuggernaut potions are now stackable when obtained from the enchant! No more worries of overflow!
  • We changed around the level requirements for the Rebirth Enchants so it fits more with your progression
  • You no longer need to worry about keys filling up your inventory from Key Finder. Now they will go directly to your key balance!

Rebirth & Rank Rework

  • Rebirthing has been entirely remodeled to be more OP than ever!
  • Instead of rebirthing infinitely, you can reach the max at rebirth 100!
    • When reached, you will be given a permanent 2x Mana (Enchant proc) Booster and a special tag in game!
  • We have extended Ornaments to 20, each boost having 5 levels!
  • Ranking up now helps boost your money and prestige gain! Every time you rank up, you will be given more Multiplier

Attachments QOL

  • Tiers of attachments are now clarified for easy identification and organization!
    • Tier 1 = Coal Ore
    • Tier 2 = Iron Ore
    • Tier 3 = Gold Ore
    • Tier 4 = Diamond Ore
    • Tier 5 = Emerald Ore

Other QOL Changes!

  • Re-added Gem Robots
  • Fixed Minerank cap times so it matches correctly with SOTW
  • Fixed the ending times for daily and weekly Gang Events so now it ends before payouts
  • Reworked and fixed Mortar requirements
  • Buffed Block Milestone rewards
  • Players can check the progress of another player's Akumapass with the command /akumapass check IGN
  • Salvageall will no longer take active pets that you are using
  • Skin Shifter can now proc Meed's Wrath
  • Removed Booster cooldown! You can now stack your boosters as much as you would like!

Ban Reset

We lifted all bans! Lets have a good season!

Ready to play? You can join the network through (Java) or (Bedrock).

Read this far? We hope you like our new season!