Denied Unbann appeal

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ign: Feuerphoenix100
Punishment type: Ban
Punishment length: Permanently
Are you guilty: no
Why should you unbann me: I have been permanently banned for "lying tp staff" after I tried buying the Akuma+ to Infinity rank upgrade in the store through a ticket and my codes were used under my IP twice first time to buy pet eggs for meed and second time to buy vkits for thexluka, and after I kept saying that I didn't use the codes I was banned. I cannot explain how my codes were used under my IP so all I can do is just repeat that I did not use those codes. I know that this is fully based on trust so i hope you can trust me but if you cant i will understand that but if that would always be the case could you please add that in the reply so that i can stop wasting your time by writing thses appeals if there is no way to get unbanned anyways thanks.
Any additional information you fell we should know: A possible way to proof my innocens: could you check if anyone other than Feuerphoenix100 or .ExcludedGraph54 (bedrock) has logged on akuma with my ip as that would proof that someone managed to use my ip.


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Having read your appeal, we have decided to deny it for. You can re-appeal this punishment in 14 days if you wish.

AkumaMC Management

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