Denied ulzy Staff application.

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IGN: ulzy
Discord: ulzy#5785
Age: 15
Timezone : CET

Do you have the ability to record your game in at least 30 FPS?: Yes!
Do you have a working microphone?: Yes, I have a hyper X quadcast.

Staff experience:

A couple of years ago back in like 2019, I used to staff on the server TheArchon.
On here I was a Mod for about half a year and decided to leave the server as a staff member.
On here I was staffing on Outlands and also on Skyblock later on. The reason I am no longer staff on TheArchon is,

I was starting to get bored of Minecraft, especially the gamemodes for which TheArchon was popular.
Another reason why I decided to leave is that the server was and still is very P2W.

This is my friend's server which at the time of making this application it has been under maintenance for quite a while.

I have been mod on this server for about 2 years now.
This used to be a skyblock/survival server That had about 20 daily average players so it had quite a small community.
This server is turning into a duels server and if I do get staff on here I am ready to dedicate all my time to this server and leave Retronix.

Some extras:
I have been staff on a ton of small/medium-sized HCF servers in the past.
I didn't quit on most of them the reason I am no longer staff on them is cuz almost all died.
I have been in a lot of different types of staff roles I've been admin manager mod helper everything.

These servers had mostly 50-100 players but 2 of them had 500+ average players a day.

Reasons why I want to be staff on AkumaMC
And why I should get selected over others:

One of the reasons I want to join the staff team on Akuma is because I have been enjoying my time on Akuma so far.
Also, I know quite a lot of the staff members and that also inspired me to become a staff member myself.
Another reason why I want to become a staff member is that I see a lot of people still
questioning a lot of stuff in chat and it still becomes unclear.
Now why I want to join AkumaMC and not any different servers I think AkumaMC is the best
prison server out there especially for new players trying out prisons I also love
how the endgame is still fun and has people playing at that time.
Lastly, I just want to help out the community and help as many players as I can!

Now the reasons why you should pick me over other players are:
1. I am online a lot and at a lot of different times so this makes me able to
help people from all timezones and help as many people as I can.
2. I have a lot of game knowledge so I can easily help new and experienced players out a lot.
3. I don't get mad easily and I can keep certain situations very well under control
I can also take jokes quite easily to an extent.
4. I am very dedicated to this server it is one of the only servers I play and it is
the only prison server I play/ have played.
5. even tho I am not too old I am very mature I'd say myself and
I think there are quite a few others that think that aswell.

The times that I can be online
On school days:
Monday 16:00-00:00

Tuesday 16:00-00:00
Wednesday 19:00-00:00
Thursday 16:00-00:00
Friday 16:00-18:00 22:00-4:00
Saterday&Sunday 13:00-4:00

On holidays:
Non-work days

Hopefully, I can get accepted and I'll look forward staffing on here if so!
And have a nice day/evening or night
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Lack of detail

Previous Staff Experience
Good amount of playable hours.

I wish you the best of luck!


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Staff member
Senior Mod
+ 0.5

- Maybe add in some more detail
- Good amount of previous staff experience
- Good amount of playable hours on the server

Best of luck to you ulzy


Good amount of staff experience
Willing to dedicate a good amount of hours on the server

As mentioned above, lack of details

Best of luck my friend ulzy! <3


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Senior Mod
- Great Staffing history
- Good time willing to put in to staffing

- Could use more details
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