Staff Application Rework




Rework the application procedure for admins.

I and I am sure many others believe it is important to improve and learn from your mistakes, after all, we are human. I have done some research and from what I can see the same two Copy+Paste scrips have been used since the beginning of the Accepted and Denied applications. Always the same reply with no insight as to why you got the result you got. And it is clear that reaching out to staff via the forums messaging system will yield no insight.

Why should your suggestion be implemented?:
This would improve the QOL when applying. I believe most of us when we fill these applications out are genuine and mean what we say and are truthful to ourselves when typing these up. I'm not saying staff should write a paragraph as to why an application was declined or accepted. But it would be nice to have 3-4 simple points that yielded the result.
For Example(Taking from the current format, fixing a few grammar mistakes adding the QOL):

Unfortunately, after reviewing your application we have decided to deny it.

Pick 3 or 4:
  • The application was messy, unorganized, and didn't seem serious.
  • Not enough available time to dedicate to the network.
  • Your account has broke too many rules in the past three months.
  • Didn't provide enough detail on your application.
  • [Add more options]

Thank you for taking the time to apply to the AkumaMC network, and I wish you the best of luck in the future. if you wish to re-apply, you can do so in two weeks.

AkumaMC Management

In what way would it benefit the gameplay?: N/A​