Season 12 Release | Saturday 31st July @ 2PM EST | Information and Changelog

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Just before we start...
Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to read this post to get all of the up-to-date information on the new season! We've worked tirelessly in the background for the past month to revolutionize some of the features on our network, and we're now ready to show you what we've been working on! I want to thank each and every member of our community once again; your continued support is what motivates us to keep working on the server and making it better and better each day! This season, we've put a huge amount of focus into our mines system, ranging from how we handle them to the user interface for them; explained below. If you have any queries that this post doesn't answer, please feel free to open a support ticket over on our discord.

New Mines Plugin
This is the one of the biggest plugin re-codes we've ever had in the history of akuma. After 11 seasons, we've decided that it's time for you to take control of your own mine, and also to optimise as many features as we can. Both public mines and private mines have been completely re-coded.

Public Mines
The mine warp gui has been fixed, as have the permissions from A-Z rank. We've simplified the look of the GUI, with emerald blocks showing unlocked mines and redstone blocks showing locked mines. These can now be reset using /mine reset <name>


Private Mines
The long awaited private mine system has finally been implemented to the server! With two BETAs, we're hoping that most of the issues seen in it have been completely fixed! Each season, you'll need to re-generate your private mine. Don't worry, they'll still be permanent, you've just got to re-claim it each map. If you've not got your mine for some reason, it's not a problem. Simply open up a ticket on our discord and we'll get it sorted for you!

For this release, we're expecting quite a few people to be missing mines. This isn't an issue, but will mean you may have to wait a little bit to get your mine. We're going to have staff members dedicated to going through these tickets, so the wait shouldn't be a long one.

Upon getting into the server, you can claim your mine using /pmine create. This will add you to a queue, and you'll be automatically teleported once your mine has been created, so there is no need to spam the command!

You can access the private mine menu by using /pmine. Here you will be able to teleport to your mine, manage your mine, and teleport to other private mines that you're added to. In the mine management menu, you can do things such as change your blocks, re-fill your private mine, update your sell prices (if you've purchased any sell increases), and check players added to your mine (you can remove them too!).

You can reset your private mine using /pmine reset <IGN>. If you want to add a friend, you can do so using /pmine addfriend <IGN>. Note that the player must be online, and that you can only add a maximum of 5 other friends. Sell Increases purchased are unlimited.

Due to popular demand, the abyss has been removed from prison. We were unable to find a balance between grinding and progress, and the community has voted for it to be removed.

New Pets
We've added two new pets; the universal pet and the wingman pet. The universal pet combines three of our pets into one, boosting crystals, tokens and gems, meaning that you don't have to choose between the three. This comes in four different rarities. The wingman pet is similar to the second chance enchant, having the ability to virtually mine a block for you.

Withdraw Changes
For many seasons, people have been able to withdraw tokens, and tokens only. With this new season, we've decided to trial allowing both gems and crystals to be withdrawn as well. This is only a trial, and may be removed if it's economy breaking, but we thought we'd give it a try. You can withdraw gems using /gemwithdraw and /crystalwithdraw.

Other Changes
  • Prison has a new spawn build
  • All private mine builds have been updated, as have public mine builds
  • Coupon balance from meeds paypal is now redeemed as an in-game coupon, and is added to your /coupons GUI
  • Discord bot has been updated with new categories corresponding to updated systems
  • Backend optimisations to help with performance
  • All bans have been wiped!

As with every season in the past, we're hosting a huge giveaway to celebrate this release! To enter, simply do as the twitter post says below, and make sure to log on for our release!

We're giving away:

• 2 Akuma+ Ranks
• 3 $50 Giftcards
• 5 Lunar Capes

You can enter it

Server Information

Hubs will open one hour before release (1PM EST), which will allow players to queue up for when prison opens at 2PM EST.
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