IllegalThings Staff Application

Country of Residence:

Time Zone:
Do you have the ability to record your game in at least 30 FPS?:
Do you have a working microphone?:
Do you have any previous staff experience? If so, please explain it in detail:
Yes I do have a numerous staff experiences.

My most recent staff experience was here at AkumaMC. I was only a helper here since I failed my trial period. I helped responded to tickets, moderate game chat and I assisted players with any questions on the server that I knew of. I don't have much to say since I only was given three weeks.

One of my staff experience was also at HydenMC. During my time there I was promoted to Sr.Mod and I was mainly just their to test and help newer staff adjust into the staff team. I would say I was there for a couple month and to be approximate around 5 months there. I was a fairly active member of the staff team and loved my time there because of the staff team and the experience I gathered when helping newer staff. Even though I did get some experience helping staff members I didn't get what I was looking for, the server didn't have the player count or the community I was looking for so I enviably resign form their staff team.

Lastly was also a Administrator at a previous server named GeniusMC. I was the community Administrator at that server and did a lot of things with the community. I hosted events and chatted with the community a lot. I spent a lot of time there and would say almost a year before I resigned. As my time as a Admin I really learned a lot. As I grew from a helper to a Admins I think I learned a lot skills that will help me with this position if I am accepted.

Why do you want to become a staff member on AkumaMC?

I am really interested in joining the AkumaMC staff team again for multiple reasons. I truly enjoy this community and everything it has to offer, and I missed being a part of the staff team in the past. As a relaxed and mature player base, I appreciate that this server isn't overly kid friendly. I think I fit well with the community, and I'm eager to contribute to its continued growth alongside the staff team. Additionally, I'm still interested to gain more experience working with a team, assisting players with their issues and furthering my abilities. Ultimately, I hope to make a positive impact on the AkumaMC community and eventually reach an administrator position.

I know that have been demoted and that has raised some doubt in your mind maybe, but I have thought about it and realized I really should've been more mature. I understand what I did and take full responsibility. To me I taught I was perfectly fine and was professional as a helper. The way I did ticket, helped players chats made me taught I was doing a great job but I think I forgot that I should uphold a standard. To me that was fine because of the other communities I was in allowed us to interreact with he community members like that. I have learned a lot when I was apart of the Akuma Staff team and I would like to be given the chance to join it again and do better because I know I could do better. I am really dedicated to this server and I just love the community it has here and I really think I still have a lot to learn and I think Akuma is a great place for me to continue my journey.

Why should we accept you over other applicants on the network?

I have a lot of skills and abilities that would assist me with my position here. My personality, my skills ,and the experience over the other applicants would make me a great fit for this position.

I have always treated others with kindness and respect. My prior experience as a staff member has helped shaped my character and strengthened my sense of fairness and generosity towards others. Whenever someone needs assistance and I know I could provide it, I am always willing to lend a hand. I understand that we are all here to enjoy the game, and sometimes others may need help getting started. My past experience as a staff member has also taught me to be more understanding towards those who have been banned, as I believe everyone deserves a second chance. However, I am aware that not all situations may should be given leniency. In dealing with any situation, I approach it with maturity and professionalism.

With my long history handling support rooms, ban appeals, and player reports, I am confident in my ability to handle anything that is thrown at me when it comes to any situations. I possess a solid understanding of the server and always make myself available to provide assistance whenever possible. I am certain that I can easily fit server moderation duties into my daily routine. My prior experience as a staff member has given me valuable skills to function effectively with a team. I have acquired the ability to lead and support others in various situations, which has also bettered my creativity, problem solving skills, and decision making ability. being with a team has been a fulfilling and enjoyable experience that has enabled me to meet new people and grow as an individual.

How much time are you willing to dedicate to the server on a daily/weekly basis?:

My schedule is very flexible with be being able to be online from as early as 3pm to 12 am or later. I willing to dedicate around 4-8 hours a day after I come home from any activities.

Is there any additional information you wish to add?:

I have added everything that I have to say about my background and why I think I would be really a great staff member if you accepted me again. I have looked at what I have done wrong before and I really want to correct it. I know I would be a good fit role for a staff member if you would give me a chance again.
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