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Country of Residence:Turkey

Time Zone:GMT+03.00

Do you have the ability to record your game in at least 30 FPS?:Yes, I can

Do you have a working microphone?:Yes, I have working microphone.

Do you have any previous staff experience? If so, please explain it in detail:Yes, I have staff experience:

Storarty Youtube 2020 Server(Discord): [300 Member]

This is how I started my staff adventure. How I learned help people, how to understand other people. This server is first experience of my staff adventure. Now how I became:

I following him from youtube since 2020 and I love watching his videos. I joined his discord server and started talking with other people. I like them and they like me, Owner saw this too and made me
On this server. Helping as moderator is fun for like 1 Year. Then I quit moderating. Just chilling with them for now.

Titan Oyuncu Youtube Server (Discord): [1.2k Member]`2021

This server is bigger than Storarty's server. More people, more community and so much people to help. Story is little bit same with Storarty's server. I started watching him, liked his videos, following him so much. Then they added a feature called "Titanbank" and I love this feature. I started grinding like every place, every minute. And this made me very active on the server. Owner saw this and asked other staff members, may I should become a staff member. They voted positive and I started helping people as Rehber. After like 1 month, I became

Moderator on the server. And after like 2 more months. Owner saw me how I doing this job very well. So he made me a Admin on the server. After doing this job for like 6 months, activity on this server is gone and I decided to quit. Just chatting with people right now.

Mineking - Faction and HardSkyblock Server 2022 (Minecraft) [150 Online Everyday]

Honestly in first, my first goal is not to become staff member on this server. I tried became youtuber and I actually did. Then I realised making videos too hard for me and I quit youtuber and applied for staff. After playing for like 1 month, Owner made me
Rehber (Same As Helper) on the server. Honestly, I take this job very seriously at first. Literally joining server when I have school. After short time, I became Asistan (Same as Jr-Mod). Promotion happened in like 1 week after became Rehber. Like working for 2 months, I became Admin and started solving people's issues. Teleporting every island and helping everyone. After another 1 month, I became Sr.Admin which gives full permissions. And after 1 month of banning, muting people, helping, I promote again and I got Yönetici (same as Manager) and continued helping people and solving issues for like 5 More months. Now online is so low and I decided to quit.

Why do you want to become a staff member on AkumaMC?: Some reasons I have:
First of all I love playing in this server very much. Love people, love content and much much more reasons. But main reason is, im very active on the server and love playing. And if I become staff member, I think it gives more reasons to play more.

Second, I love how this server have non-toxic people. They listening, caring each other, ready to helping. I think its fun to help them.

Lastly, like months ago maybe a year, I promised some old staff members whose retired right now, they cant help people because they need to work etc. I promised help people for them. Thats another reason to Doing this job. It can make me happy.

Why should we accept you over other applicants on the network?:Some reasons to choose me:

Some staff members can know how determined I am. Old times I just applying 2 times in a month for becoming staff can show how determined I am. I wanna do something, I doing it. Nobody can stop me. I promise I can do same thing if I became staff member. Also becoming determined is good for me. If I become determined, I doing mistakes and when I do mistakes, I can learn. And thats how I learned becoming a perfect staff member.

Everyone can trust me in every problem. Becoming sure about doing eveything I can about the problem and trying solving. Every problem is solvable for me. Just the ways are different for me. Different ways = learning more things about helping.

3.Understanding Fast:
I can understand so much things. Including doing this fast and effective. If I give one example about that, listen: I just learned how to make plugin in like 1 hour. Tried make some plugins and I think they working.

4.Have much Experience:
Like I said before. I have so much experience and this is just 3 of them. I know how to help people. If they are toxic or not, doesn't make difference for me because every person is special for me. Knowing how to help people and how to solve problems because I did this for like 3 whole years.

How much time are you willing to dedicate to the server on a daily/weekly basis?:(For GMT+03.00)
Monday- 12.00 AM to 21.00 PM

Tuesday 13.00 PM-22.00 PM
Wednesday 12.00 AM- 22.00 PM
Thursday 13.00 PM- 22.00 PM
Friday 12.00 AM-22.00 PM
Saturday 13.00 PM-15.00 PM & 20.00 PM- 22.00 PM (can check tickets)
Sunday 12.00 AM-15.00 PM and 21.00 PM- 22.00 (can check tickets)

Is there any additional information you wish to add?:Good Luck to All!
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Unfortunately after reading your application we have decided to deny it. Thank you for taking the time to apply on the AkumaMC network, and I wish you the best of luck in the future. if you wish to re-apply, you can do so in two weeks.

AkumaMC Management
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