Denied EditzzJr's Staff application ( take 2 )

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Ign: EditzzJr
Discord: Editz Sr#1549

Age: 15
Playtime: 5 days, 23 hours

Country of residence: Macedonia
Time Zone: Central European Time (UTC+1)
Do you have the ability to record your game in at least 30 FPS?: Yes

Do you have a working microphone?: Yes

Do you have any previous staff experience? If so, please explain it in detail: I have been staffing around on servers these past 2 years and ive staffed on some pretty cool servers.

MineXo was my first ever server i staffed on, it was an incredible experience since at that time it was a pretty popular server, i was always proffesional and was loved and respected in the community. I staffed for around 2-3 months before i had to leave the staff team because of personal issues with the owner.

Minerival was one of my latest servers i staffed on, i was pretty known in the community and decided to go for staff. I got accepted and my journey with the MineRival staff team begin. I was always proffesional and was fair to everyone no matter how known or how much they paid for the server. I only got to be staff for 2-3 weeks before i got demoted for being inactive. The reason i was inactive tho was because i had an injured arm, before i became inactive i was online on it for 60% of my day and it was sad to have to leave that wonderful staff team.

FireVanilla was the server i staffed the longest on, i was staff on and off but in total my time as staff was like 4-5 months, i was pretty known in the community and one day got offered by the owner to staff on FireVanilla. I accepted the offer and started staffing immediately. I put in alot of work and time on the server and was probably a reason that the staff team became alot better. I sadly lost interest in the server and had some issues irl and decided it was best for me to quit the staff team.

Why do you want to become a staff member on AkumaMC?:
I want to become staff on AkumaMc because i feel like i would be a good fit for the team , i want to experience whats it like to staff on a prison server and also i learned alot about akuma since my last staff application and from all that knowledge i want to become staff even more now.

Why should we accept you over other applicants on the network?:
I feel like i should be accepted because of my experience, proffesionalism, honesty, fairness, activeness, commitement, and the respect i could give to anyone.

How much time are you willing to dedicate to the server on a daily/weekly basis?:

7-12 hours a day, depends on what i have going on that day.

Is there any additional information you wish to add?:
Yes, ever since my staff application got denied i decided to contribute 90% of my time on the server, learn more about it and do whatever it takes to be eligable to get staff on this server.


Staff member

Unfortunately after reading your application we have decided to deny it. Thank you for taking the time to apply on the AkumaMC network, and I wish you the best of luck in the future. if you wish to re-apply, you can do so in two weeks.

AkumaMC Management
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