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THREAD TITLE: Name-Here's Staff Appliction [NA/EU/AU]

IGN: Ourimpala862634
Discord: Dingo#2819
Age: 15
Country of Residence: Australia
Time Zone: AEST
Do you have the ability to record your game in at least 30 FPS?: Yes I can record in around 120 fps and I’m getting new pc soon that can record 200 fps
Do you have a working microphone?: yes
Do you have any previous staff experience? If so, please explain it in detail: yes I staffed on a rust server for around 4 months and I staffed a Minecraft server 2 month’s ago the minecraft server had around 90-100 active players on a bedrock server and the rust server had 400-500 members active on restart day (restarted every week) and 100-200 last day of wipe and I know how too tell if people are hacking on Minecraft for example reach and kill aura is very simple detections but I can spot them easily
Why do you want to become a staff member on akuma MC?: I just really enjoy playing the server and I feel like I could contribute so much too the server and help it out much more and I feel like I’d be helping a lot since I’m very dedicated and I want people too be able too rely on me and be able too trust that I can help them whenever they need it and if another staff member asked me too do a ticket for them or any of the sort I’d instantly get too doing it
Why should we accept you over other applicants on the network?: I’m very dedicated I know what I’m doing and I’m very good with talking too people no matter how old or young they are and I’m very dedicated so i can do tickets when I’m at school, home or where ever I am and I can help a lot
How much time are you willing to dedicate to the server on a daily/weekly basis?: since I have school I can do around 5-7 hours daily if I hop on as soon as I get home but on weekends I can be on around 12-14 hours a day and weekly around 30-40 hours
Is there any additional information you wish to add?: I’m very mature and I’ve dealt with many different cases in other servers that were unusual but I handled them very well and I’ve done tickets with 4 year olds so I can definitely handle most tickets


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Unfortunately after reading your application we have decided to deny it. Thank you for taking the time to apply on the AkumaMC network, and I wish you the best of luck in the future. if you wish to re-apply, you can do so in two weeks.

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