Cosmetics Suggestion


IGN: Sad_love
Suggestion: Add New and Improved Chat colors / cosmetic items or commands
- Some being but not limited to:
1. /nick, and the ability to /nick with colorful nicknames: IE - Sad_Love or maybe even just "Sad" rather than Sad_love
2. Chat Colors - New chat colors available for purchase on the store webpage / ability to make your own custom chat colors, IE: Say you really loved Orange, Yellow, and Red, you would be able to make a custom chat color that would make whatever you said in chat become Orange, Yellow, And red. For example, using the same idea i mentioned above, Yellow, orange And red, lets say i was to say "Hi guys how are you today?" if i was using the custom Chat color it would come out as something like this: "Hi guys how are you today".
This could also be something that utilizes holidays as such, for halloween maybe from whatever OP crate was in the shop you'd have a chance of unlocking a Orange, Black, and White chat color, and so on for other holidays and events such as sotw for a specific season, winter chat colors, summer chat colors, it could essentially be endless!
Why should your suggestion be implemented?: My suggestion should be implemented as it would give players a greater sense of personalization whilst playing the game. It would also = more money as more, and more people would likely want to buy these chat colors, and or buy the crates associated with the chat colors to unlock them. It would also just allow players to be more creative, and choose how they want their chat to look, as well as their ign or nick
In what way would it benefit the gameplay?: As mentioned above it would allow players to be more creative, and make more personalized decisions about the game, it would just allow people to show off their creativity in very interesting ways, and it would open numerous doors to 1, not only more profit off the game, but 2, more of a personalized feeling for each player who wants such a experience.

thanks for reading my suggestion if you made it this far :)!​