Accepted Banned on Akuma MC / Big Mistake :/

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IGN: Wasxo (JorisSimp when got banned)
Punishment Type (if discord ban include discord name): Ingame ban
Punishment Length: Permanent
Are you Guilty?: Yes i am.. It wasn't smart to do this.. I know. But ive got banned for straight 2 months now.. without discussing. I'm ready for a new start to play as a new player. I learned from my faults.
Why should we unban you?: I learned from my faults, I want to say sorry to the guy wich i scammed. I am really sorry for him.
And the reason i wanna play again is because i like the community and love to play.. When i did it.. I felt really bad in my head. I had a lil depression and i was bad at the game. You can trust me.. I learned.. I will NEVER do it again. I will just play Akuma MC myself. I'll see a new chance for me on playing.

Any additional information you feel we need to know?: As i said above.. I had a depression at the moment it happened.. I became myself right now and i feel good! I'm happy with myself finally. I'm really sad about the ban.. But it is my own fault.
I hope to play on Akuma MC again.


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Having read your appeal, we have decided to revoke this punishment. You are now free to re-join the server at any time, at which point this punishment will be revoked automatically.

AkumaMC Management

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