Ban appeal ; i post here because idont know how to post in appeal section

I want to be unbanned because i was banned for mute evasion.
My life hasnt been worse , tax evasion
But my life has worsened since this mute evasion
the reason i wanted to avoid this mute was because i wanted to evade from reality by talking in games.
But talking has been one way to keep me alive but now i have been muted i am sorry in the core of my empty soul , james.
If i cant talk then what can makes me alive please unmute me because everyone deserve a second chance in life.
But in life as long as you are alive you have a chance , but it seems that i cant have a chance
I escaped from my jail in my mind with games but in reality jail is just jail.
I beg your pardon and i am sorry because i am french but if you unmute me i can travel from france to usa to buy the whole staff baguettes.