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    Denied Wasxo's Staff Application. [EU]

    IGN: Wasxo Discord: Beauu#3985 Age: 16 (July 5th -> 17) Country of Residence: The Netherlands. Time Zone: CET [Central European Time] Do you have the ability to record your game in at least 30 FPS?: Yes. As recording software i do use: OBS [Open Broadcast Software]. Where i can stream 30...
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    Accepted Banned on Akuma MC / Big Mistake :/

    IGN: Wasxo (JorisSimp when got banned) Punishment Type (if discord ban include discord name): Ingame ban Punishment Length: Permanent Are you Guilty?: Yes i am.. It wasn't smart to do this.. I know. But ive got banned for straight 2 months now.. without discussing. I'm ready for a new start to...