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    Denied Raresly666 Staff Application (EU)

    Realised I answered the wrong app 😂😂
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    Denied MrsSnapchat's Staff Application [EU]

    Sorted it a bit better! Thanks :D
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    Denied HerrDrageli Staff Application [AR]

    -1 Lack of Detail Replied to "How much time are you willing to dedicate to the server" with an Question to the reader.
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    Denied Akumamc Applycation IGN: VivaMoon

    -1.5 As stated above Person has applied twice within 50 Minutes.
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    Denied MrsSnapchat's Staff Application [EU]

    Thank you buddy ❤️ Highly appreciate your Feedback. Regarding difficult to read, this maybe and most likely is because Im not english main. I apologise for the trouble :)
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    Denied MrsSnapchat's Staff Application [EU]

    Appreciate your Feedback but this is not copypasted 🙏 Been spending a few hours into this fairly
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    Denied KanooMC's staff application [AS]

    +0.95 - Add the Name of the Server you've been Staff on :)
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    Denied MrsSnapchat's Staff Application [EU]

    Appreciate your Feedback <3 Im aware its a long Application, which mainly comes from the Experience. Thank your for your Feedback and good Luck on your Application!
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    Denied Appearance's Staff Application [NA]

    -1 As stated above.
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    Denied Akumamc Applycation IGN: VivaMoon

    -1 - Lack of Detail - Use proper Title Format and remove the Parts above "IGN:" - Pretty annoying Person, as they spam-beg alot lately.
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    Denied MrsSnapchat's Staff Application [EU]

    IGN: MrsSnapchat Discord: MrsSnapchat#1340 Age: 23 Country of Residence: Germany Time Zone: UTC+2 Do you have the ability to record your game in at least 30 FPS?: Yes. Do you have a working microphone?: see above Do you have any previous staff experience? If so, please explain it in...
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    Denied MrsSnapchat's Media Application

    IGN: MrsSnapchat Discord (Name#0000): MrsSnapchat#1340 Are you applying for Media or YouTuber?: Media Please provide your channel link: https:twitch.tv/mrssnapchat Please provide proof of you owning the channel: Please provide links to any content previously created by you on the network: N/A...