1. Riighty

    Accepted Clipzity Staff Appliction [EU/NA]

    +1 Easy to read, very detailed. Experienced Rust Admin / Discord admin. Previous experience with plugins, Knows how things work. Has experience with minecraft and own servers. Good hours put in during a short period of time.
  2. Riighty

    Accepted Riighty's Staff application EU/NA

    Appriciate the feedback, What more information would you like me to add to this? A list of all servers I work with / have worked with in the past. Just thought that it didn't need mentioning.
  3. Riighty

    Reaper Activation But mine resets

    IGN: Riighty Bug (Please explain THOROUGHLY so that we can understand it. Video / Images are also of great aid): After a reaper is activated from pickaxe skin, If the mine resets automatically - it will de spawn the reaper spawn. Not sure if this can be fixed or not
  4. Riighty

    Accepted Riighty's Staff application EU/NA

    BEFORE YOU APPLY Before applying as a staff member, please ensure you meet the following criteria: - You play on Java Editon Minecraft; Yes, I play Java edition. - You are at least 15 years of age; Yes, I am 21 years of age - You own a microphone; Yes, also it is a very high quality and...