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    +1 Because of AkumaMC
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    Accepted Ban appeal

    +0.25 Admitted to what he did he duped lootboxes for fing sake
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    Denied Brodford Staff Application {NA}

    -1 Underage. While yes akuma loves them some minors. We don’t like them as staff
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    Denied EzMichin staff aplication

    -1 Under age
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    Accepted Chuby's Staff Application [NA]

    +1 Stated above by Shady
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    Denied SasukeWP's Staff Application [NA/PST]

    +1 He was an amazing staff He has a good amount of time Knows server well Great addition to Akuma staff
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    Counting to 10,000!

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    Denied My staff apply!

    He loves men +1
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    Denied My staff apply!

    WOW, how dare u disrespect MikeyBackup, oh MikeyBackup The man with the funny name He's always the life of the party And his jokes are never tame From his head down to his toes He's a character, that's for sure But don't be fooled by his jester ways He's got a heart that's pure He may not be...
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    Denied My staff apply!

    +1 Rizzard of Oz He had hit puberty(unlike half of the staff) He is a real Dickordian
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    Accepted M1CHAEL911's Staff Application

    +1 stated above
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    💀ask on discord server
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    Denied Krillsopp's Staff Appliction [NA]

    +1 This man has rizz. His life without akuma is grave. He is 50% of ur revenue. Krill without akuma is kill. also what Petoes said
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    Denied MippySimps Staff Application NA

    +0.75 Active Has some staff experience Gets into arguments around once a week(has been getting in less lately though)
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    Denied staff application #dream for staff

    I would suggest looking at the accepted application.
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    Denied staff application #dream for staff

    -1 Stated above Grammar/spelling mistakes
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    Denied ohyuu's Application [NA]

    +1 Stated above
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    Denied Application For Staff: (AS)

    -1 Hard to read could use color Lack of detail Grammatical errors