1. Juopt

    Denied EmilyPlayz07's Staff Application NA

    +0.5 Stated above
  2. Juopt

    Denied TheOneTruSeeker's Staff Application [NA]

    +1 - Great amount of detail - Active member on the server - Lots of staffing experience - Good timezone - Good amount of playable hours on the server
  3. Juopt

    Denied UsedMilk Staff Application

    +1 Stated above
  4. Juopt

    Denied NatureVJ Staff Application [AU]

    +1 Stated above Also a needed time zone.
  5. Juopt

    Denied staff aplication

    Hi @Zappyteve There is a format that you need to follow for a staff application I will link it bellow. https://akumamc.net/forums/index.php?threads/staff-application-format.2/
  6. Juopt

    Breaking into under the map

    We are aware of this it is a visual bug and it resets when the player goes back to spawn.
  7. Juopt

    Accepted Juopt Staff Application [AU]

    Thanks Mippyyy
  8. Juopt

    Counting to 10,000!

  9. Juopt


  10. Juopt

    Accepted Deesal Media Application

    +1 Watched his stream chill guy
  11. Juopt

    Accepted Juopt Staff Application [AU]

    Thank you all for taking the time to look at my application. 🙏
  12. Juopt

    Denied AspectERK Staff Application [NA]

    -1 I think enough has been said in this application.
  13. Juopt

    Denied AspectERK Staff Application [NA]

  14. Juopt