1. InvisRaidinq

    Denied Blocks mined reward command

    Hey, I don't really feel as if this would be a useful command - it just seems unnecessary?
  2. InvisRaidinq

    Accepted VOTE SHOP

    This has been implemented - thank you for the suggestion.
  3. InvisRaidinq

    Accepted vote shop

    This has been implemented - thanks for the suggestion!
  4. InvisRaidinq

    Denied Withdrawals and Deposits

    Hey, Sadly this isn't something we're looking at doing. Chat Colours come in vouchers so they can be redeemed and traded, but once redeemed they should remain with the person who redeemed them. No exceptions. Hope that answers your question.
  5. InvisRaidinq

    Denied More battle pass tiers

    We may do this in the future, but it's not planned currently
  6. InvisRaidinq

    Denied Achievements

    Hey, This idea is basically the AkumaPass, so what you're requesting is that we add additional tiers to it. Although we may do so in the future, we may not do so currently.
  7. InvisRaidinq

    ConvoIsMyDad Sugestion

    Denial reason stated above.
  8. InvisRaidinq

    Denied useless rename tokens

    Duplicate suggestion
  9. InvisRaidinq

    Denied appeal ban

    Incorrect section.
  10. InvisRaidinq

    Denied App for akumamc

    Hey, as nice as this would be I don't see it being something feasible for us, sorry!
  11. InvisRaidinq

    Denied Starlink ✩✩✩ New Possible Enchant ✩✩✩

    We've decided against implementing this, but thank you for the suggestion regardless.
  12. InvisRaidinq

    Accepted Enchantment Messages

    This has been added. Thank you for the suggestion.
  13. InvisRaidinq

    Accepted New Season Suggestions :D

    A few of these have been implemented. Thank you for the suggestion.
  14. InvisRaidinq

    Accepted Private Mine Block Composition

    This has been sent to our development team, and will be implemented at some point in the future. Thank you for the suggestion.